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Care that life deserves…
Altınçatı Yıldız Institution, using the concept of elderly care and nursing home, draw attention with outstanding healthcare services. The institutions is the most advanced delegate of multi-disciplinary approach to the elderly care homes with the experienced team consisting doctors, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, nutritionists and nurses.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services
All around the globe, importance of rehabilitative and treatment based physiotherapy services cannot be underestimated. Altınçatı Institution provides high quality physiotherapy to all residents using personalised scheduling methods and enhanced physiotherapy techniques.

Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services
The most impactful elderly disease of today is Alzheimer, dementia, elderly depression and other disease related to mental health. Altınçatı designs one of a kind programmes for elderly people with the help of our experienced team in order to decrease the pace of their mental diseases. Besides our personalised programmes, for enhanced communication and social interaction in Altınçatı, our social workers are using up to date methodology for daily activities on our residents leisure times.

Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services

◦ Consultation ◦ Necessary treatment and medication applications
◦ Scheduled control and tracking of medicational applicatons
◦ Tracking and control of acute and cronic illnesses
◦ Medical consultancy
◦ 7/24 nurse service
◦ Injection
◦ Serum applications
◦ Cathrter applications
◦ Bloodletting
◦ Medical dressing
◦ Infusion applications
◦ Ostomi care
◦ Elderly and elderly relative consultancy
◦ 7/24 care giver service
◦ Support for basic daily activities
◦ Personal care help
◦ Toilet and bath help
◦ Dressing help
◦ Pulse, blood pressure, respiration and measuring fever applications
◦ Diet support
◦ Exercise support
◦ Bedbound applications
◦ Integrity of skin applications
◦ Bedsore applications
◦ Preventation of musculoskeletal paim with active-passive exercise
◦ Preventation of breathing problems
◦ Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinson and neurological disases preventation.
◦ Nurse paging system
◦ Mentaly disabled applications